Why trading companies can beat the manufacturers?


This article is talking about the manufacturers BesTech Power compete with the Broker Agent.

In Battery PCM/BMS/PCB business,there are many trading companies are quite famous,almost every battery business man knows about them instead of the end-source manufacturers?why?what happened ?

It is supposed to totally OPPOSITE! Manufacturers should be more famous than the borker,they have more advantages,from now on BesTech Power will turn this situations over,to ensure the customers get the end-source directly @ pretty competitive prices.

BesTech Power designs,develops and manufactures Li-ion/Li-Polymer/LiFePO4 battery PCM,PCB,BMS.

From us you can find almost all the battery controller/PCB/PCM/BMS you need,even you can not find the one you need,then we can develop one out in 3-5 days.

So Far we have 1S to 20S kinds of PCM,the current we can make it up to 200A.


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